Latin Strong Man

This week we bring you Cosmo Badu.  Cosmo is one stunning Latin body builder with a gorgeous tan body with a dick that will rock your world.  Man would we all love to be in his bed when those tiny white underwear slip off his hips.

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Bodybuilder Joe Barkley nude and hard

Joe Barkley is one of those lean, hard bodybuilders that not only shows off his muscled body completely nude, but also isn’t shy about showing off the big muscle in between his legs. That thing defies gravity — you could run a flag up his stiff male pole! It stands at attention with his rock-hard abs as a nice backdrop. You can’t see it here, but we assure you that Joe has one of the best asses you’ll find — click on the photo for more!

Full frontal bodybuilder nudity

Nude Mitchell RockMitchell Rock is another perfect specimen of bodybuilding awesomeness, and you can see him front and center, everything pointing directly at you! He has great proportions, a handsome face, and a nicely shaped tool. We love the pose he’s striking — legs spread and flexed bicep pointing upward. Nice, very nice.

Movie star muscleman

Bodybuilder Omar Farouk is movie-star handsome, but Rudolph Valentino never had muscles like this! This guy is practically perfect in every way — beautifullly proportioned, tan and smooth, bulging with hard pecs, biceps, abs and an exceptionally pretty cock. It’s almost not fair, is it? But his gifts are our gain, so enjoy the visuals!

Male in white underwear

Carlos can barely contain himself.  His huge budge was bursting out of his white underwear.  He was thinking about his wild night last night.  He wanted the night to never end and today it was clear that that night has not ended in his head.  He enjoys his body and knows how to play it like a fine guitar.

Welcome to Nude Male Bodybuilders

This is our first post on Nude Male Bodybuilders. Soon we will be filling out this blog with tons of pictures and videos of the hottest nude male bodybuilders for your viewing pleasure.  Keep coming back if you enjoy these kinds of photos and movies as we will adding more of what you like.